WD-40 Bumps Up It’s Dividend Yield

Everyone is probably familiar with WD-40. The product comes in a variety of forms including Smart Straw, Big Blast Can, Trigger Pro, No Mess Pen, Handy Can, and Gallon size. WD-40 is very helpful for loosening rusted parts. The product is useful for everything from cleaning tools to silencing squeaky hinges. WD-40 has over 2,000 […]

Microsoft Is Showing Dividend Investors The Money – MSFT

Today’s dividend stock is a household name that everyone has heard of. The company that I would like to look at is Microsoft Corporation (MSFT). The brainchild of Bill Gates is the king of the software market. Microsoft’s Windows operating system has over 90% of the market for client operating systems. The company has been […]

An Energy Stock With A Juicy Dividend

There was a time that the financial industry offered some of the best dividends around. Sine the banking crisis of the past three years, dividend yields have gone kaput in the finance industry. You can still however find some solid dividends in one industry. How would you like to invest in a company that operates […]

A Small Cap Stock That Pays Big Dividends

Who knew that there was money in trash? Chances are good that you have never heard of US Ecology (ECOL). US Ecology is a small cap waste management company that disposes of radioactive and hazardous waste materials.  The company has been around providing its waste treatment services since 1952. US Ecology has a market cap […]

Dividend List Update – Sept 8th

The dividend lists have been updated for September. All stock data is current as of September 7th. The premium content is available to members only. Free Content Dividend Yield Lists Dividend Industry Lists Dividend Lists TopDiv Premium Content Top 100 Dividend Stocks

Nokia Is A Bargain Dividend Stock – NOK

What company manufactures the largest number of cell phones in the world? It’s not Apple, Research in Motion, Motorola, or Palm. The answer is Nokia. Nokia Communications (NOK) makes more mobile phones than any other device maker in the world. The telecommunications maker controls over one third of the mobile phone market selling its devices […]

The Perfect Stock For The Defensive Investor

Proctor & Gamble is one of the oldest surviving companies in the United States. The company was founded by William Procter and James Gamble in 1873. There are only four companies larger than Proctor & Gamble in the United States. The company boasts about how its market cap is larger than the gross domestic product […]

How to Enroll in a DRIP Program

A dividend reinvestment plan has the well-deserved acronym of DRIP. When an investor utilizes a DRIP, the dividends earned on their stock investment will periodically “drip” into their stock portfolio. Instead of receiving monthly or quarterly checks for their dividend payments, the funds are reinvested into the original stock. If the payment doesn’t cover an […]