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This screener makes it easy to search our database of over 800 dividend growth stocks.  Membership is required to view this data.  Use the drop-down box to select dividend stocks or real estate investment trusts.   More information about the data in the screener is available below.

Last Update: 4/1/2024

Div Increase Yrs
1yr Rev Growth %
Payout Ratio
5yr Yield Avg
1 Year Return %
5yr Div Growth %
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How we screen for dividend stocks

We create our top 100 dividend stock list using the data provided through this dividend screener.  We rank stocks based on dividend yield, dividend growth, average yield, payout ratio, revenue growth, and stock price appreciation.  We go through over 1,000 stocks that pay dividends to generate our lists that you will find on our website.

For dividend yield, we generally like to see the yield be above 2% and below 8%.  Too high and the dividend is likely to be cut or the stock has suffered a severe price correction.  Too low and the stock becomes undesirable for income investors.

We use the payout ratio to determine if a company has enough income to sustain its current dividend and future dividend growth.  Stocks with payout ratios under 65% are preferred.

We changed from EPS growth to revenue growth in 2018 to help avoid false growth perceptions achieved through stock buybacks.  Revenue growth helps give an idea of the future path of the company and its ability to increase its dividend.

Finally, we measure stocks based on stock price appreciation.  Our rating system and dividend data is historical and does not predict how a stock will perform in the future.  The 12-month stock price appreciation measures performance to help gauge the total return on investment.

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