DOW Dividend Stocks

The Dow Jones, or the Dow 30, is a stock market index made up of 30 stocks. The Dow is the most closely watched index on Wall Street followed by the Nasdaq Composite and the S&P 500. All 30 Dow stocks are listed on this page. We have included each stock’s respective dividend data for our premium members.

Last Update: 8/01/2022

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NameSymbolYield1yr Revenue
Growth %
5yr Yield
AmexAXP1.3120.8018%Members Only
Amgen IncAMGN3.195.7071%Members Only
Apple IncAAPL0.638.6014%Members Only
Boeing CoBAN/A-8.100%Members Only
Caterpillar IncCAT2.1714.3036%Members Only
Cisco Systems IncCSCO3.076.4053%Members Only
Chevron CorpCVX3.3868.3051%Members Only
Goldman SachsGS2.61-30.4014%Members Only
Home Depot IncHD2.5710.7042%Members Only
Honeywell IncHON2.03-0.9050%Members Only
IBMIBM4.947.70119%Members Only
Intel CorpINTC3.35-6.7023%Members Only
Johnson & JohnsonJNJ2.565.0057%Members Only
Coca-Cola CoKO2.6816.3071%Members Only
JPMorgan ChaseJPM3.36-19.7028%Members Only
McDonald’s CorpMCD2.2510.6056%Members Only
3M CoMMM3.99-0.2061%Members Only
Merck & Co IncMRK3.0549.6048%Members Only
Microsoft CorpMSFT0.9518.4024%Members Only
Nike IncNKE1.085.0030%Members Only
Procter & Gamble CoPG2.387.0060%Members Only
TravelersTRV2.156.0022%Members Only
UnitedHealthUNH1.1914.2031%Members Only
Salesforce IncCRMN/A25.900%Members Only
VerizonVZ5.312.1049%Members Only
Visa IncV0.7525.5021%Members Only
WalgreensWBA4.393.0027%Members Only
Walmart IncWMT1.510.5045%Members Only
Walt Disney CoDISN/A34.300%Members Only
Dow IncDOW4.1828.5030%Members Only