DOW Dividend Stocks

The Dow Jones, or the Dow 30, is a stock market index made up of 30 stocks. The Dow is the most closely watched index on Wall Street followed by the Nasdaq Composite and the S&P 500. All 30 Dow stocks are listed on this page. We have included each stock’s respective dividend data for our premium members.

Last Update: 1/07/2022

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NameSymbolYield1yr Revenue
Growth %
5yr Yield
1 Year
Return %
AppleAAPL0.5028.8015%Members Only33.61
AmgenAMGN3.454.4070%Members Only-3.79
American ExpressAXP1.0037.5022%Members Only41.18
BoeingBAN/A8.100%Members Only0.17
CaterpillarCAT2.0425.5044%Members Only13.14
SalesforceCRMN/A26.600%Members Only4.45
Cisco SystemsCSCO2.468.1054%Members Only34.07
ChevronCVX4.3977.30101%Members Only35.47
DisneyDISN/A26.000%Members Only-13.10
Dow ChemDOW4.8052.8036%Members Only-0.27
Goldman SachsGS2.0127.909%Members Only36.68
HoneywellHON1.868.7047%Members Only-0.73
Home DepotHD1.609.8043%Members Only52.95
IBM CorpIBM4.750.30126%Members Only12.08
Intel CorpINTC2.584.7026%Members Only3.22
Johnson & JohnsonJNJ2.4810.7061%Members Only7.39
JP Morgan ChaseJPM2.448.8023%Members Only20.54
Coca-ColaKO2.7916.1082%Members Only21.68
McDonald'sMCD2.0614.5053%Members Only26.04
3MMMM3.287.1058%Members Only5.76
MerckMRK3.5020.4078%Members Only-1.61
MicrosoftMSFT0.7822.0025%Members Only44.94
NikeNKE0.751.0029%Members Only11.94
Procter & GamblePG2.125.3060%Members Only18.26
TravelersTRV2.216.4024%Members Only14.88
United HealthUNH1.1811.1033%Members Only34.15
VisaV0.6828.6022%Members Only2.90
VerizonVZ4.744.3047%Members Only-7.71
WallgreensWBA3.5412.8081%Members Only19.31
Wal-Mart StoresWMT1.534.3076%Members Only-1.86