4 High Yield Dividend Stocks Going Ex-Dividend July 16-20

In terms of ex-dividend dates, next week isn’t very busy — at least not with high yield dividend stocks. There are some options, though. They are fairly solid, and they have somewhat mediocre dividend yields when compared with some of the exciting stocks that went ex-dividend earlier this week. However, the following for dividend stocks all have yields above 3%:

Comtech Telecomm (CMTL)

Ex-Dividend Date: July 18

Rather than providing telecommunications services, Comtech Telecomm is actually a manufacturer. The company designs and develops different products, as well as making them and marketing them. Comtech specializes in telcommunications transmissions, RF microwave amplifiers, and mobile data communications. CMTL has a dividend yield of 3.70% and a payout ratio of 74.00%. Since the company has only been paying dividends since 2010, there is no information on five-year average yield, or the three-year growth rate. There has been one consecutive dividend increae.

A. Schulman Inc. (SHLM)

Ex-Dividend Date: July 18

A. Schulman is all about the custom chemicals. The company specializes in creating custom compounds that can be used for a number of different functions, in a number of different industries. From antimichrobials to special nylon alternatives, A. Schulman offers designer materials and chemicals. The current dividend yield is 3.10%, with a five-year average yield of 2.90%. The three-year average dividend growth rate is 4.63%. The current payout ration is 44.00%. There have been five consecutive dividend increases, and SHLM has been paying dividends since 1990.

Maint Street Capital Corp (MAIN)

Ex-Dividend Date: July 18

Maint Street Capital Corp provides funding to middle market companies. For the most part, the investment firm specializes in long-term debt and equity capital. The companies MAIN works with span various sectors and industries. A lot of the funding is used for management buyouts, growth, refinancing, acquisition, and recapitalization. The idea is to provide alternative financing options. The current dividend yield is 6.70%, with a five-year average of 8.90%. The payout ratio is 91.00%, and the three-year average growth rate is 0.69%. MAIN has been paying dividends since 2007, and there has been one consecutive year of dividend increase.

Friedman Industries (FRD)

Ex-Dividend Date: July 18

Friedman Industries is a steel company that traces its roots to a business founded in 1939. The company specializes in the process and distribution of hot-rolled steel coils, as well as manufacturing and distributing steel pipe. The current dividend yield is 5.20%, and the five-year average yield is 4.90%. There is a dividend payout ratio of 39.00%, and a three-year growth rate of 392.71%. FRD has been paying dividends since 1990, and there have been no consecutive dividend increases.