Roundup: FINCON11 and Dividend Growth Index

Over the weekend, the Financial Blogger Conference took place in Chicago. There were quite a few bloggers there, including bloggers that write about dividends. Here are a few posts from attendees, as well as those who didn’t attend. Plus, plenty of news on the Dividend Growth Index, picked by bloggers:

  1. Dividend Growth Index Results: It was a true pleasure to meet The Dividend Guy over the weekend, and hang out. And to read about the results of the Dividend Growth Index. Look over the list. It might be just what you need to boost your portfolio.
  2. Stock Picks for the Dividend Growth Index: Dividend Ninja (cool guy; met him at the conference) describes his three picks for the Dividend Growth Index. Learn more about the index, and why he picked the stocks he did.
  3. Evaluating Vanguard’s New LifeStrategy Funds: Oblivious Investor is personable in real life, and just as helpful as on his blog. Read about his evaluation of Vangaurd’s latest fund offering. Insightful analysis, as always.
  4. Dividend Monk’s Three Picks for the Dividend Growth Index: Read about Dividend Monk’s contributions to the Dividend Growth Index. Find out how he narrowed it down to only three choices — and why he picked what he did.
  5. Michael Lewis on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart: Watch this episode of The Daily Show, featuring Michael Lewis. Value Walk shares the episode, which addresses bankrupt countries around the world.
  6. Dividend Income – September 2011: The Passive Income Earner keeps it real by sharing his dividend income last month. A great post for catching up — and finding inspiration in your efforts.
  7. I’m Back!: Dividend Partisan has been away, doing a military training exercise. I’m sure we all missed him while he was gone, and it’s great for him to be back, and share his insights from the exercise.
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  1. The Dividend Ninja
    The Dividend Ninja says:

    Divblogger, thanx for the awesome mention! Always appreciated..

    So we met at FinCon11 and you didn’t tell me your “real identity”. LOL – drop me an email and say Hi :)

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