Roundup: Learning Curve

We all have a learning curve to go through, in life and with money. As you learn more about money, and work to improve your ability to build wealth, you can get a little help along the way. Here are some great articles from around the blogosphere, addressing different points on the learning curve:

  1. Dividend Dad How I Show The Importance of Money To My 6 Year Old Son: The Dividend Guy offers a great look at teaching children the importance of money. This is a great process to help kids learn.
  2. What Happened to the Income Trusts? Part – 1: Dividend Ninja takes a look at income trusts. You remember those? Whatever happened to them? A great overview of where investing is headed.
  3. Seth Klarman’s Top 5 Dividends: If you want a look at some of the best dividends, Dividend Monk offers a peek at what guru Seth Klarman has. And don’t forget to check out the holdings of other greats in this series.
  4. Why A Low Payout Ratio Is Important: As you begin dividend investing, it’s important to make sure that you understand the implications of payout ratio. Dividend Mantra explains that sometimes a stock with a low payout ratio is the way to go.
  5. Are Roth Accounts Overrated?: Many people like Roth retirement accounts. Even though you pay taxes now, you don’t have to pay taxes on your earnings. However, Oblivious Investor takes a look at the possibility that they might be overrated.
  6. Saving Your Money Vs Investing It: Are you concerned about your money? Should you build up savings, or invest? Buy Like Buffett takes a look at saving and investing, and helps you figure out what might work best for you.
  7. Financial goals: Sticking to the plan when the funk comes to visit: Monevator points out that you can’t just abandon your plans when something unexpected happens. Stick to the plan, even when you might feel a little out of sorts.
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