Roundup: Investing Mish-Mash

Some days you just find yourself short on time, and looking around from some great ideas. There are a number of great investment bloggers with some interesting ideas and insights. Here are some of the most interesting ideas, creating a fabulous investing mish-mash:

  1. HELOC Portfolio: 1 Year Returns: Check out this interesting idea from Beating The Index. Learn about the returns on this investor’s HELOC portfolio. Enjoy the analysis, and get some ideas for your next investment.
  2. Choosing an investment platform: A nuts and bolts guide: Monevator offers a great guide to choosing an investment platform that works for you. This break down will help you decide on a platform that fits your needs, and helps you get the most out of your investments.
  3. Europe’s highest dividend yield companies: Value Walk takes a look at some interesting European dividend paying stocks. When you are ready to diversify into foreign opportunities, these investments may be just the thing.
  4. Roulette ETFs For Today’s Market Conditions:  Looking for some satirical insight into today’s financial media? A fun read, and insightful, too, from a guest post on Oblivious Investor. Watch out for pre-packaged investment products; they probably won’t help you much.
  5. Digging Into the Payout Ratio: The Dividend Guy takes a look at payout ratio, and helps you delve into the important aspects of using it to help you choose the right stocks for you. Practical and helpful.
  6. The Best Website for Your Financial Plan: Looking for a good place to create a financial plan? Dividend Partison has an idea of where to go. Learn about how you can merge finances with your significant other — without too many problems.
  7. Guest Post Scams: A big “thank you” to Dividend Ninja for bringing this issue to our attentions. It seems as though you have to be extra careful these days about vetting your guest posters, and making sure that everything is what it seems.