Roundup: Financial Freedom

We’re all looking for financial freedom in some form or another. One way to achieve that is through making prudent investments and sticking to your plan. If you are interested in achieving financial freedom, you can get help from these blog posts:

  1. Financial Freedom At 45: A great post on financial freedom, and how to get there. The Passive Income Earner lays out a plan for financial freedom (not necessarily retirement), and offers great insights on what you can do to be financially free.
  2. The Millionaire Teacher: Over at the Dividend Ninja, you can learn about the Millionaire Teacher author Andrew Hallam through an interview. Great insights on how to find your path to financial freedom.
  3. How To Build Wealth Wealth and Eliminate Debts: If you want to be financially free, you need to learn how to get rid of debt and build wealth. Buy Like Buffett provides you with some help in this arena. Lay the groundwork for financial freedom, thanks to these tips.
  4. How To Build A Solid Dividend Retirement Portfolio: Looking for help with financial freedom in retirement? The Dividend Guy offers you some ideas for putting together a solid portfolio. Start now, and you’ll reach financial freedom.
  5. 3 Model Portfolios to Consider: If you want to build financial freedom, you can use these model portfolios to help you on your way. Dividend Monk puts together three different portfolios for those interested in using individual stocks in their plans for financial freedom.
  6. Finding Investment Treasures in International Markets: Use this post from Value Walk to improve your chances with international markets. Diversifying to international assets can help you reach your goals of financial freedom.
  7. What Are Your Dividends For?: As part of your efforts to become financially free, you should have a plan. Dividend Mantra shares some insight into deciding what’s important to you, and using your dividends for that purpose.
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