Roundup: Cool Investing Ideas

If you’re like me, you’re always looking for new investing ideas. You want to be able to remain sufficiently diversified, while also pulling down great yields from solid companies. Here are some cool investing ideas from great blogs:

  1. 6 Premium Dividend Payers to Buy on Dips or Drops: Matt at Dividend Monk offers his view of different dividend stocks that you should buy on the dips. Buying on the dips, of course, means that you get more for your money. Down the road, it could really pay off.
  2. Two Stocks On My Watchlist: If you are looking for a couple of ideas for investing, Dividend Mantra shares two stocks he has on his own list. It might be worth adding them to your watchlist.
  3. The Bullish Case For Real Estate: Jacob at Value Walk believes that now might be the time to get into real estate. If you are looking for an investment, real estate might be the thing. Perhaps even dividend paying REITs might be the way to go…
  4. Small-Cap and Value Stocks (Fama French 3-Factor Model): When looking for ideas, you can use the Fama French 3-Factor Model. Mike at Oblivious Investor provides an overview of this model, and how it can be used as you look for investing ideas.
  5. Covered Call ETF High Income, Low Risk?: Mike at The Dividend Guy takes a look at the covered call ETF. If you are looking for a little something to shake things up in your portfolio, this might be just the investment for you.
  6. How to choose the best index trackers #1: Basics: Over at Monevator, The Accumulator offers some advice on choosing the best index trackers. A great primer on what it takes to find a good index tracker for your portfolio.
  7. 3 Quick Ways to Raise Funds for Your Investments: Before you can invest, you need to have money. Beating The Index provides some cool ideas for getting the money you need for your investing goals.