Roundup: Strategy Session

Every now and then, you need a strategy session as you assess your portfolio. The good news is that there are plenty of great bloggers out there that can offer some insights into strategies and how to use different dividend stocks. Have a look at what’s been going on in the blogosphere:

  1. ETF risk – a personal action plan: If you are interested in ETFs, it is a good idea to double check your strategy. There remains risk, and you need to be aware of it. The Accumulator at Monevator offers you ideas for a personal action plan to help limit your risk.
  2. Assessing Your Risk Tolerance: Need and Ability: As you put together your portfolio, you need to be aware of your risk tolerance. Mike, at Oblivious Investor, provides an overview of these two aspects of risk tolerance. A great primer.
  3. Book Review: The Ivy Portfolio: If you are looking for a great read, you might consider this book, reviewed by The Aleph Blog. The book offers a look at how you can invest like endowments do in order to limit your exposure to bear markets.
  4. RSI — Overbought, Oversold, or Overplayed?: Sometimes you have to ask yourself some tough questions about a particular investment. Kenny at the Market Club Trader’s Blog allows a guest post to analyze RSI. The illustration can be applied to other investments.
  5. Star of the Day – Rovi (ROVI): Get an idea of why ROVI might be a great addition to your portfolio. TraderMark at Fund My Mutual Fund goes through some of the pros and cons of this stock.
  6. Third Point Adds To Xerium Technologies (XRM) Position: Do you want to learn from fund managers? Market Folly offers a look at one of the latest additions to Dan Loeb’s fund. A look at the move, and resources to help you manage your own fund.
  7. How Microsoft Caused the DotCom Bubble and why their Skype ‘Hail Mary’ is irrelevant: Everyone seems to be talking about Microsoft and Skype. Barry Ritholtz at The Big Picture takes us through the deal — and why it may not matter.