Roundup: Investment Picks

Sometimes, it’s nice to know what others are choosing in terms of investments. Many great investment bloggers have some ideas of what’s coming. Here are a few of their ideas about what might make a good investment, and some of the issues surrounding popular investments:

  1. 5 Tech Titans Suitable for Every Income Investors Portfolio: The Dividend Pig offers a look at a few tech titans that can help you income portfolio. As you build your income portfolio, consider the options and think about adding these tech giants.
  2. Top 20 Dividend Stocks – May 2011 Edition: The Passive Income Earner lists the top 20 dividend stocks. Arranged by technical screening and by yield, you can get a good look at some great investing ideas.
  3. It’s Time To Buy Hewlett Packard: Buy Like Buffett thinks that now is the time to buy HP. An analysis of quarterly results and other factors is presented. Read the post, and see if you agree.
  4. Novartis (NVS) Dividend Stock Analysis: Dividend Monk takes a look at Novartis. Do you agree that it is an attractive investment. Read through the analysis, and see if you think you want to add NVS to your portfolio.
  5. Weekend reading: Grab those index-linked certificates: This great roundup from Monevator offers some investing ideas in the form of NS&I certificates. They might be just the thing you need.
  6. Will Oil & Gas Stocks Rise Again?: Beating The Index takes a look at oil and gas stocks. Before you buy energy stocks, it’s a good idea to consider what you think will happen next. This analysis looks at the market, energy and what could be around the corner.
  7. The College Education Bubble: The say that education is an investment. However, Expected Returns takes a look at this investment, and wonders about the education bubble. What happens when it bursts?