Roundup: Life Beyond Dividend Stocks

Sometimes, the things that worry us, and what is going on in the larger economy, can have an impact on the way we invest — and the level of success we see with our investments. This week, some of the dividend investing blogs looked at what’s going on beyond the world of dividend stocks:

  1. Big Miss in ISM Non-Manufacturing at 52.8: TraderMark at Fund My Mutual Fund looks at today’s big disappointing economic news. With the ISM lower than expected, concerns about economic recovery — and the ability of the U.S. to outgrow its deficit — are on the rise again.
  2. Weekend Edition: Markets Hate Uncertainty: Before sharing a roundup, Beating The Index offers a great look at the uncertainty that may be coming. A look at recent disappointments in Canada and the U.S. shows that the markets may be unhappy soon.
  3. Make Sure You Aren’t Falling Behind: Andrew Hallam, The Millionaire Teacher, offers a look at where you should be with your portfolio. Are you falling behind?
  4. The New Reality: Retirement Planning For Your Children: It’s not always about you. Mark at Buy Like Buffett offers a look at retirement planning will be like for your children. Are you — and your children — ready for what’s coming?
  5. Bye bye Gilles Duceppe! Héléne Laverdiére NDP wins Laurier/Ste-Marie: Sunny at The Dividend Girl gets excited about the possible demise of Bloc Québécois in Canada. Whose in power can influence economic policy, after all.
  6. Holding Our Leaders Accountable: Over at Expected Returns, the case for holding leaders accountable is made. Looking at the debt ceiling in the U.S., and considering what is going on, there does seem to be a need for some level of accountability.
  7. Things That Worry Me: The College Investor has a lot to think about. Some of the things that are worrisome for that blogger, though, should be worrisome for you. What are some of your concerns for the economy?
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