800 Dividends Started But Only 100 Remain

A few days ago we built and published our new dividend lists for May. We started out with dividend stocks that met our criteria of a dividend yield of 2.9% or higher and removed any stocks that had a negative dividend growth rate. The result was just over 800 stocks.

From there we rate each dividend stock based on it’s yield, dividend growth rate, net income growth rate, payout ratio and one year return. Based on that criteria we are able to filter the list down to the top 100 dividend stocks.

Safe Dividend List

Stocks that make the safe dividend list get a few extra points in their rating because they have been raising their dividend for 25 years or more. There are 28 stocks on the safe dividend list that are rated 90 points or higher by our standards. 10 of these have a dividend yield of 3% or more.

Past Performance

Our dividend lists are based on past performance and not an indication of how any stock will perform in the future. Here are a few statistical averages for stocks on the most popular lists.

Top 100 Dividend Stocks (more)
Average Yield: 4.79%
Average 5 Year Dividend Growth Rate: 14.11%
Average 1 Year Return: 22.73%

Safe Dividend List (more)
Average Yield: 2.64%
Average 5 Year Dividend Growth Rate: 13.1%
Average 1 Year Return: 18.36%

High Growth List (more)
Average Yield: 5.9%
Average 5 Year Dividend Growth Rate: 27.42%
Average 1 Year Return: 22.85%

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