Consistent High Yield Stocks

Every investor looking for income from their stocks likes consistency. Who wants to buy a stock and be concerned that the dividend could get cut or the stock could tumble lower.

Safe Dividend List – March

The safe dividend stock list has over 30 stocks that have been raising their dividend for 25 years or more. 6 of those stocks have a dividend yield over 4%.

The standout on the list has a 100 point Top Dividend rating again this month. With a yield over 7%, 5 year dividend growth rate of 64% and a 3 year net income growth rate over 20% this stock is hard to ignore. Plus its up over 30% in the last year.

Most of the stocks on the safe dividend list have seen big gains over the last year. Big gains plus big yields makes for a very attractive stock.

Top 100 Dividend Stocks

We had 5 stocks top out at 100 points in March on the top 100 dividend stock list. Two of these stocks come from the safe list. One of the other three is a REIT, one is a beverage company and the last is a Energy company. The REIT stock shows a high payout ratio but remember that REITs pay out all of their income so there is nothing to be concerned about.

Each of these stocks show high dividend growth and great returns over the last year which is why we can give them 100 point ratings.

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