5 Perfect Dividend Stocks

Top 100 Dividend List

We have 5 stocks with perfect 100 point ratings from the top 100 dividend list this month.

There are plenty of other high rated stocks coming it at just below perfect and all are worth consideration. McDonalds just missed being perfect because of what we consider a less than perfect dividend growth rate and net income growth rate. Their yield is a little lower than we prefer at 3%, but still solid.

Each of the 5 stocks rated 100 points have a 5 year dividend growth rate over 10% and a 5 year net income growth rate over 10%. Each also has a one year return of 17% or more.

The leader of the pack, and our new #1 rated dividend paying stock has a yield of 8%, a dividend growth rate of 99% and a big one year return of almost 55%.

The healthcare stock rated 100 has only one possible flaw with its higher than normal payout ratio. This stock is actually a REIT so it gets a pass on the payout ratio.

Safe Dividend List

Our safe dividend list saw for the first time no 100 point rated stocks. The highest comes in at 99 points for February. The previously rated number one 100 point safe dividend stock fell to number 5 after it’s payout ratio went above 90.

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