Top Performing Healthcare Dividend Stocks of 2017

Top 40 healthcare stocks of 2017 with a yield of 1% or more.

Top Performing REITs of 2017

Top 75 REIT stocks of 2017 with a yield of 2% or more.

Best Performing Bank Dividend Stocks of 2017

This table represents the 50 best performing bank stocks in 2017 with a dividend yield of 1% or more. A few banks have announced wage increases and new investments on the back of the tax reform bill. Let’s hope more banks are able to follow their lead in 2018.

Dividend Stocks That Have Doubled Since Trump

Marketwatch put out a list of 55 stocks that have doubled since Donald Trump was elected. We pulled out the 14 stocks from their list that pay dividends. You can see the Marketwatch article here.

High Return Tech Dividend Stocks

The following list includes the top 50 performing tech stocks with a dividend yield of 1% or more and a payout ratio under 90%. There are over 150 tech stocks that returned 10% or more in 2017.

November 2017 Top Performing Dividend Stocks

The following list is the top 60 performing dividend stocks for November 2017. We screened for stocks that have a yield of 1% or more and have included the 2 and 3 year dividend growth rates.

High Cash Flow Dividend Stocks

This list has dividend stocks with high dividend growth and the cash flow to keep it going. We paid special attention the payout ratio to make sure none of these companies are paying out more than 70% of earnings as a dividend.

What is the DSO rating?

One of our most frequently asked questions is “What is the DSO rating?” You’ll see this phrase located in the top right hand corner of our dividend lists. The DSO (Dividend Stocks Online) rating uses the most important data points available to rate the past performance of dividend stocks. These factors include the dividend yield, […]